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Are you ready to feel refreshed and alive, have a health mind and body, take control of your choices and see real life changes?

Meal Preparation

We’ll teach you balanced, yet satisfying basic recipes that are delicious and simple to prepare. These real life recipes are perfect for one, or for whole families.

Women Cross Fit


At WLRA you get results focused training from real life trainers that have lived weightloss! Enjoy the fun and interactive group activities, as well as expect one on one training.

Chernae Silk

“Personally, I have struggled with emotional eating – something that many people can relate to. Usually this form of eating relates to stress, and can be stopped through knowing the warning signs. I wanted to stop, and I wanted to be able to identify my warning signs. That’s what sparked this idea…

I am a serial retreater! After attending over five different retreats in three years both in Australia and Bali, I realised that I needed help! Some of these retreats resulted in successful weight loss; others, I quit because they were just too hard-core!

I tried searching for the perfect retreat, but I still hadn’t found a fun, challenging and supportive educational health program that would fit into my real life!

The amazing program I dreamt of needed to be close to home, so that I wasn’t travelling too far away from my family or work. More importantly, I wanted to take the knowledge about a healthy lifestyle that I had learnt from these programs and transfer it to my life – I couldn’t keep retreat hoping forever! I needed a complete and permanent change of lifestyle!

So, I began to build a welcoming friendly program that worked; a program that I could attend for a week or even four weeks or more! I desperately needed a program that was there for me; I personally needed a program that could fit into my busy life. This type of flexible retreat didn’t exist in Australia, let alone the world, so I decided to create it!

When I learnt I couldn’t have a baby due to my weight, I went on a journey to become healthy and decided I wanted to empower others to achieve the same. This is why I created WLRA and continue this journey today.”

Will the healthy you stand up?

Now is the time to commit to your health and well-being.

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