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Chelsea Graham

Retreat Manager/ Personal Trainer

Chelsea has lived and worked in wellness environments for the last 10 years and brings the best of these experiences to Weight Loss Retreats Australia.  With extensive study in ancient yoga tradition, meditation, personal training and a career leading retreats around the World she has nurtured groups and individuals to achieve their health goals. Chelsea is passionate about mind, body and connecting to our teacher within – she will provide practical advice, positive encouragement and emotional support while helping you discover the key to your body’s balance.

Stuart Walter

Mindset Coach

Stuart Walter is the Secret behind 33 World Champions, he is a specialist in Peak Performance Mindset. Getting the best of the best ‘in the zone’ for the performance of their lives… when it counts.

Stuart’s support is about setting goals, supplying tools and tactics and supporting you in that journey. He is not concerned about your past he just wants to know… who are you now? where do you want to be? and what do you need to change to make it happen? Just removing the emotional triggers from food will allow the rest of the Weight Loss Retreats Australia’s Health Experts to work their magic with you.

WLRA is different because we deal with the real-life stress triggers, we deal with the emotional experiences that turned you to food. Overeating is just a ‘masking agent’ to cover the real reason why you are overweight.

Many people battle with weight due to emotions, so if you are self- sabotaging, procrastinating, being affected by others’ comments, finding excuses and not sticking to eating and exercise plans… this is an emotional issue.Highly respected as an authority for developing systems and strategies for accelerated and lasting transformation, Stuart is a published Author and international speaker and believes in you more than you believe in yourself! When you meet him you will understand.

Amie Cox

Dietician -Target Nutrition
Amie Cox completed a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of the Sunshine Coast and is now an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Accredited Sports Dietitian. Amie loves working with individuals with food intolerance, allergies and particularly sports nutrition. Amie takes particular interest in helping people & athletes with fat loss, muscle gain and enhancing their sports performance. Amie is passionate about providing excellent nutritional education to all of her clients so they can employ lifelong healthy eating habits.
Gillian Maddigan, Psychosomatics

Gillian Maddigan

Gillian is trained in Psychosomatics Therapies, Clinical Hypnosis and NLP, and has over 20 years experience in helping people find the best solutions for growth.

Kat Juergens

Personal Trainer

“During your training with Kat you will be introduced in to strength training and how to utilise your own body weight when equipment is limited. You will be inspired to move your body in different, maybe even new ways – through a combination of mobility drills, body weighted exercises and stretching.

I, myself, went through my own fat loss experience since 2010 and as the journey went on I discovered my passion for strength training and building athletic physiques. When working with my PT clients I am aiming for long term weight management and installing healthy lifestyle habits rather than chasing one quick fix after the other, thereby avoiding unwanted yo-yo effects.”

Marion Wright

Marian Wright

Professional Fitness Coach and Health Guru

Chernae Silk

Founder, CEO / Personal Trainer