Meal Preparation

Say GOODBYE to DIETING forever!

WLRA is NOT a DIET program! Instead, we offer you the chance to take control of your life and health with a wide variety of fresh, delicious, whole food.


Never feel GUILTY about the FOOD you eat again!

WLRA meals are a pleasurable sharing time with fellow WLRA friends.

Healthy eating does not “always” mean “low fat…”

We TEACH you what you should be eating and WHY. And it’s not low fat, 0 flavour diet food. It will NOT leave you HANGRY (that’s hungry and angry). It WILL make you feel SATISFIED, be QUICK to prepare and taste YUM.

Allow yourself to:

  • Experience new taste sensations!
  • Learn to love who you are!
  • Fall in love with food again!
  • Create sustainable, lifelong habits!

Food should not be punishment nor should it be reward. Heal your relationship with food and your body as it paves the way for permanent change.

It’s time to experience a proven Weightloss program that delivers amazing transformations – from coaches that have lived it.

At WLRA we teach you to prepare your own healthy meals, plus learn how to choose the healthiest option when dining out at restaurants. You will have access to hands on lessons from the team, and will meet dieticians as well as nutritionists who can customise a meal plan just for you!

Our meals provide plenty of flavor and variety, and you don’t need to be a qualified chef to follow our recipes. If WE can prepare tasty, healthy food, we guarantee YOU CAN TOO.

…and you won’t believe the difference that colour and presentation can make!

We’ll teach you balanced, yet satisfying basic recipes that are delicious and simple to prepare. These real life recipes are perfect for one, or for whole families, and each one includes:

  • A balance of macronutrients (that’s protein, carbohydrates and fats… yes fats!) to support and nurture your metabolism
  • Essential micronutrients to assist you to achieve optimal health
  • Nourishment to sustain activity levels
  • Everything you need to promote healing and prolong life!
  • That means no more cheating!

…just fast efficient Weightloss done the healthy way that is enjoyable, balanced and sustainable.

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