No More Excuses! No More Wasted Time!

Retreat from your life to learn a BRAND NEW LIFESTYLE.

This is not a “lock down fat camp” or a “let’s meditate and drink detox soup spa.” We actually get the job done!

We’re the DOERS!

The WLRA LIFESTYLE is not just a “PROGRAM” either!

We facilitate a lifelong healthy lifestyle through education of how to live a healthy balanced LIFE that can be replicated and integrated into your REAL LIFE!

Are you ready to:

  • Have a HEALTHY MIND and BODY;
  • Take CONTROL of your CHOICES; and

Then Weight Loss Retreats Australia is for YOU!

Unlike most weightloss retreats, WLRA is not something you start and finish!

At Weight Loss Retreats Australia, we have affiliated professional partners that specialise in working on your healthy mindset – something that you will have years after the retreat!

While on retreat you will meet these professionals; at WLRA we make sure that you will have access to the best! You can meet with our doctors, physiologists, mindset coaches, wellness coaches and personal motivation coaches.

Our Mind Set education facilitates a smooth transitional learning experience to help you make positive LIFE LONG CHANGES to your HOME LIFE.

You can build a life long relationship with our mindset experts.

Experience our exciting, fun, proven program run by INSPIRATIONAL COACHES that love to create REAL change. Our coaches will inspire you, motivate you, and help you achieve your goal of a happier and healthier lifestyle.

We coach our friends in practical, sustainable techniques including tips and tricks which can be integrated into everyday REAL LIFE so you can think clearer and manage your mindset, and start feeling great and looking more radiant in just a few days.

We value balance, holistic health and wellbeing. We value our family and friends and our ability to choose!

See our blog and social media for up to the minute information on our program and experts.