ENOUGH with being tired, lethargic, and afraid to try new things!

ENOUGH with worrying about how you look, or what other people will think about you!

It’s time to get your body moving in the RIGHT direction!

Our winning formula: Fitness + Focus = Wellbeing and Weightloss

Our training philosophy brings COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING combined with REALISTIC and HONEST FEEDBACK and SUPPORT so you can LOVE who you are and learn to be more COMFORTABLE in your own skin.

WLRA is for everyone who is aspiring to lead a happier and longer life in a healthy body…


No matter what your current weight or fitness level is, we offer exercise AT YOUR LEVEL that is comfortable and enjoyable. Our movement and fitness programs are:

  • Effective
  • Time savvy
  • Challenging
  • Functional

…and you can find what you love by trying new activities… and we have the best fun!

We’re talking permanent, total life transformation here!

At WLRA you get RESULTS FOCUSED training from REAL LIFE TRAINERS that have lived Weightloss! Enjoy fun and interactive group activities, as well as expert one on one training sessions geared toward:

  • Weightloss
  • Strength building
  • Cardio vascular fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Core strength
  • Rehabilitation

Consistent movement and activity will improve your mood, boost your metabolism, help you sleep better at night, and make every day more exciting! Support your new active lifestyle with healthy, balanced, clean eating and you have found the secret to long term success!

When you participate in our WLRA program you could experience all this fun…

Walking · hiking · jogging · fitness boxing · fitness kick boxing · Bootcamp · circuit training · fun fitness games · bike riding · cycle coaching · swimming · swim coaching · triathlon coaching · deep water walking and running classes ·   cardio water games · weight based training · body weight fitness classes · indoor and outdoor training · one-on-one personal training

As a member of WLRA, we will invite you to events! We love to socialise and will participate in enjoyable events such as charity walks, fun runs and obstacle challenges for the adventurous.

Qualified group fitness leaders and personal trainers, who have experience in customising each workout to YOUR PERSONAL LEVEL, facilitate all our activities.

If you are an ex-athlete or an avid sports lover and you pick activities up quickly, we will advance the sessions to a more challenging level. Alternatively, if you are a first time exerciser, or are currently carrying an injury/medical condition, we will lower the intensity to ensure a workout is always safe for you.

At any level you will still gain maximum benefits from your sessions; we never judge and are always supportive, and we will ALWAYS cater to the individual fitness levels of each group member if required.