The “Play and Stay” Program

Are You Ready For A Guilt Free Holiday Where You Lose Iches?
WLRA is an affordable, Life Changing Experience You Deserve

Join Us To Energize & Extend And Love Your Life Again

With our Play and Stay Program you can experience all of the benefits of WLRA with comfortable, modern accommodations and uninterrupted focus.

Play and Away Program my friends, we have a set program for you that will be fun and varied to ensure maximum weekly results.

Here’s What A Day May Look Like When You Choose, Play And Stay Program
  • Optional morning walk to get the body moving.
  • A light and yummy breakfast, which is easy to prepare either in your villa, or together with the team.
  • Your after-breaky-morning-movement-session could involve fun fitness games, fitness boxing, and outdoor/indoor circuit training or, walking.
  • Morning tea is a nutritional snack to maintain your energy levels.
  • Mid morning – until lunchtime – is scheduled for rest, while listening to mindset coaching and or educational seminars. Maybe even visiting one of our expert coaches or specialists.


  • Lunch is always a well-balanced, healthy meal to give you energy for the afternoon body movement session.
  • Afternoon sessions are based around active recovery. At this time of day, we love movement games, light boxing, active recovery circuit classes, swimming, waking, yoga and stretching.


Late Afternoon
  • Late afternoon is recovery and rest time before dinner. It is the ideal time to stretch, relax, read a book, or get a massage. Alternatively, you will have the opportunity to see a specialist health expert from our team at this time.


  • Dinner is a time to prepare healthy, tasty and colourful meals with your WLRA friends. Alternatively, you can visit a local restaurant with the team, and practise how to select nutritious meals when dining out.
  • Twilight is your time to reflect on your day, meet your new WLRA friends for herbal tea, or just relax; you can join our twilight walks, or sessions. We recommend an early night, to be able to give 100% the following day.
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