Frequently Asked Questions

Will I see better results from a Play and Stay program over a Play and Away program?

As long as you follow the program on a daily basis you should expect the same results from the “Stay and Play” as the “Play and Away” program.

Will my energy level change during this program?

If your current diet is high in sugar and salt, you may initially go through a short term withdrawal period before you start to feel better than you have ever felt before. When you learn to feed your body what it needs to fuel your activity levels your energy levels will skyrocket!

How much training would I do per day in the program?

At a minimum, we facilitate 4 hours of training sessions AT YOUR LEVEL per day. Depending on your fitness levels we have extra sessions that friends can attend with the consent of our trainers. We ensure you are not over training and are getting your active recovery and rest balance right.

I am on medication. Can I still participate in your program?

Your participation in the WLRA program includes a full medical screening with our own physician – once you have clearance you are good to go!

How much weight am I expected to lose?

Depending on how much weight you have to lose you should expect around a kilo per week. This is a not a quick fix weight loss scheme – consistent regular weight loss is what you should be aiming for, for long term results.

What do I need to bring with me to the Play and Stay program?

Comfortable clothes to work out in. It’s best NOT to buy new shoes unless absolutely necessary! You want to wear shoes that are already “broken in” to avoid blisters. Some books or music for down time (iPod/headphones); sleepwear/personal toiletries and other casual clothes if attending special events.

Do your meal plans accommodate food allergies or special needs?

Yes, we do accommodate special food requirements. Please let us know on the registration form or contact us directly on 1300 929 633.

What will I get from the Play and Away program?

Most habits take 21 days to break but this is a LIFETIME investment in your health and well being. You will take what you learn in this program with you and never look back. We will teach you how to incorporate activity and clean eating into your everyday life to ensure you make the BEST of the rest of your life.

I have limited mobility due to a past injury, will this program work for me?

Our programs can be moderated to meet the needs of clients who have past or current injuries. Please inform of any injuries when you register.

How long should I commit to the program?

Your attendance to the Play and Away program is entirely up to you. We understand everyone has commitment in life that can’t be avoided. It is in YOUR best interest however, to attend as often as possible to get the most out of the program – 3 times per week would be the suggested minimum.

I don’t have a whole lot of weight to lose, but I’d really like to tone up and get in shape. Will this program work for me?

Our programs are infinitely scalable – from the elite athlete to first time sedentary lifestyle individuals. Let us know your goals when you register.

How do I cancel my membership?

We require 14 days written notice if cancelling a Stay and Play program, 7 days notice for the Stay and Away program and 24 hour notice for single sessions. All deposits are non refundable.

How do I sign up for future events?

Our user friendly booking system allows you to pre-book anything from classes to meals to our special group events.

Still have questions?
Let us know by calling 1300 929 633.