Real Life Retreat

Your Mission: Become a Warrior in Wellness.

…where you not only put your health first, but also the health of your family and friends!

Imagine this:

Your MINDSET is positive and you LOVE LIFE!

YOU instinctively know how to make the right food choices. Preparing nutritious food that fuels your body is a JOY.

YOU know how to MOVE your body so that it feeds your SOUL.

Weight Loss Retreats Australia is Australia’s first Real Life Weightloss Retreat.


We’re not a one-off bootcamp, we don’t go into lock-down mode and what happens on retreat, stays on retreat. NO!

We help you incorporate weightloss and wellness into your DAY to DAY, EVERYDAY.

What this means:

  • No more missing out on family time and life events!
  • No more choosing between your life and your health!
  • No more feeling guilty, skipping meals, or eating food that you hate!

It means that when you integrate your weightloss retreat with your real life you will finally see the fast and permanent results you’ve been hoping for.

WLRA uses a complete approach to weightloss that focuses on mindset, nutrition and movement. From the moment you sign up you will begin learning the skills you need to make better choices and take control of your health and wellness.

Your program can be tailored to your schedule, your needs, your life! Program options include:

  • Single Training Sessions;
  • Play and Stay Programs;
  • Play and Away Programs; and
  • Unforgettable Events with other Wellness Warriors who have become lifelong friends.

So you are free to choose your participation level and feed your health and fitness passions.

BECOME A WARRIOR IN WELLNESS TODAY… we want to make a DIFFERENCE in your life.