Get Big Weightloss Results with Small Changes

Sometimes the smallest effort will bring about the biggest changes.

This is certainly true when it comes to improving your health and losing weight! Lots of little changes will add up quickly into the full life transformation you hope for.

You can easily make these twenty changes to your mindset, movements and mealtimes today, and reap the benefits for years to come.


Stay Positive – A positive attitude will go a long way toward lifting your spirits and helping you stay active.

Laugh Out Loud – Laughing helps you to stay positive, and it burns calories! It’s a win win!

Get Plenty of Sleep – Studies show that people who get enough sleep are healthier, happier and much less likely to overeat.

Follow Your Dreams – Do you dream of exploring ancient ruins, or building the world’s largest sandcastle? What are you waiting for?

Set Achievable Goals – Create a plan and work toward small, achievable goals: Do 20 sit-ups while watching TV, walk 1,000 more steps this week than last week, cook at home at least three days a week – The possibilities are endless!

Celebrate! – Celebrate and reward yourself every time you meet your goals. Do a little dance, call a friend, buy that cute new dress you’ve been eyeing – go ahead, you deserve it!

Let Yourself Cheat – No one can be perfect all the time! Go ahead and enjoy the small piece of cake at the office party – then celebrate because you had a small piece instead of the huge one you were offered!


Dance with Abandon – Don’t resist that great beat! Dance when the music plays! Whether you are out for a night on the town, or taking a break in your office, a dance break is what you need.

Take the Stairs – Skip the escalators and elevators and take the stairs instead. You’ll burn calories and get a great leg workout.

Park Far Away – Don’t bother with the traffic and squeezing into the closest parking spots. Park further away and enjoy the walk.

Wake-Up Your Workout – Surprise those muscles and make your workout more exciting by switching up your routines: Walk backwards on a treadmill, do more reps with smaller weights, take a dance class.

Suggest Active Outings – Instead of going out for coffee with your friends, suggest a walk in the park, or a picnic at the beach.

Go for a Walk – We all know that walking burns calories, but did you know that going for a walk outside can help you relax, connect with nature, and find your focus? It’s a much better way to eliminate stress than eating!

Meal Time

Drink Less Calories – Save soda and juice for special occasions and drink water with meals instead.

Eat This, Not That – Be mindful of the little choices you make each day. Eat a piece of fruit instead of drinking fruit juice, eat air-popped popcorn instead of crisps, bake instead of frying – these little choices make a big difference.

Eat Dinner Late – If you find yourself snacking in the evening, try pushing dinner time back an hour or so.

Use Small Dishes and Glasses – Your body is more satisfied when your eyes are, so eating with smaller plates, bowls and glasses will help you to feel full while still eating smaller portions.

Choose Brown Over White – Many white breads, flours, crackers and pastas are heavily processed. Choosing the brown, whole grain versions of these foods will increase your nutrients and fibre, and leave you feeling more satisfied.

Finish Each Meal with Tea – Instead of returning for a second helping, relax after each meal with a cup of green or white tea. You will benefit from the many healthy properties of the tea, and will likely not be hungry for seconds after you’re finished drinking.

Eat With Your Hands – Eating becomes a fun, full body experience when you eat with your hands because you are more connected to your food and mindful of each bite.